Parking illegally in handicap spaces can bring on hefty fine

Parking illegally in handicap spaces can bring on hefty fine

It might seem convenient, but illegally parking in a handicapped spot is a crime police say they take seriously... And it can cost you.

Martha Darsey says she doesn't see too many people abusing handicap parking spaces, but says it would be nice to see more parking places for people with disabilities.

Martha Darsey says sometimes it can be hard to find a handicap parking space.

Although she has a placard , on Tuesday she parked in a normal spot since all the other spaces were filled.

She wishes businesses had more handicap spots.

"The more the better. Yes, its would help. It certainly would," says Albany resident Martha Darsey.

Darsey started using a cane in 2006 after she experienced balance problem which magnified when she had a stroke.

"This stroke earlier this year really put a stop to my walking with a cane, I have to use a walker now," she says.

Dougherty County police say handicap spaces are reserved for those who really need them.

They don't catch too many violators but will investigate if someone calls in a complaint.

"Those parking spaces are reserved for those who have physical impairment and they don't need to be walking that long distance from the parking to inside the business," says Sgt. Richard Robert, with the Dougherty County Police.

Violators caught parking in a handicap space can face a hefty fine, and it's important to make sure your placard is visible.

"When parking, if your parking in a handicap spot, it has to be visible at all times," says Robert.

And although Dorsey says it can be a process to get around, she maintains a good attitude.

"I get around thanks to people and determination," says Darsey.

Fines for illegally parking in a handicap spot can be as much as 500 dollars.

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