Rivals square off again to lead Dawson

Rivals square off again to lead Dawson
Mayor Chris Wright
Mayor Chris Wright

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Two former rivals will once again face each other in the mayor's race in Dawson. we hear from the incumbent and his challenger, the former longtime mayor, who lost two years ago by just 29 votes.

"Nothing is easy. If it's easy anybody can do it." Robert Albritten says running for mayor is a challenge he's ready for, especially after requests from the community.

"Both black and white did come to me, called, stopped me on the streets and asked if I would consider running and I told them I would decide," said Albritten.

He lost in a close race to current mayor Chris Wright in 2012, after serving since 1991.

But Wright is not ready to give up his seat. "I decided to run again because I feel like my work here is not done yet. There's a few more things that I would like to see happen before I leave here," said Wright.

Wright was nearly killed in an ambush shooting in his home 10 months ago.

He believes it hindered his ability to accomplish all of his goals for the city. "It did slow down my momentum. It slowed down some of the things I would of liked to have had the council pass of course. But at the end of the day I'm satisfied with what I've been able to accomplish," said Wright.

Wright is still focused on bringing recreational activities for children. Both candidates plan to improve the economy.

"Our economy is stable, it's steady here, but I would like to see it flourish with businesses and things of that nature."

"If you have an economic base that's positive, people will move and that will spread the cost of taxation among many, rather than the few. And of course, if you have a community that's safe, if you have a community that's clean, if you have a community desired to move forward then of course people will move in," Albritten said.

Albritten owns a funeral home in Dawson. He's been in trouble with the law several times, including two DUI arrests and a no contest plea for falsifying life insurance forms.

But says he's open to talk to anyone about his past. "They are perfectly welcome to stop me on the street or come to my office or call me."

Both candidates say now they're just focused on the future.

Robert Albritten and Chris Wright are the only are the only two running for Mayor. The election is November 4th.

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