'Flim-flam' man strikes in Pearson

'Flim-flam' man strikes in Pearson

PEARSON, GA (WALB) - Pearson Police are looking for a man who appears to be in his mid to late 50s, about 6 ft tall around 230 pounds, who 'flim-flams' cashiers out of money, in and around Atkinson County.

Police said he went to an Aden's Minit Mart at the corner of Hwy 441 north and Lott Avenue, and another Aden's Minit Mart at the corner of Church Street and Hwy 82 East, and stole cash by confusing clerks.

In a report, they said he would buy a small value item such as a lottery ticket with a $50 bill. Then, while the clerk was making change, the man would present more money, asking to substitute smaller denominations for its higher equivalent, like two 5 dollar bills for a 10 dollar bill.

Police said he would repeat the process, grabbing money from the counter that the clerk had laid out, and mingling it with his own.

After all the exchanges and confusion, investigators say the suspect ended up leaving with much more money than he originally entered the store with, while the clerks were left with short tills.

If anyone recognizes the person in the photograph, please call the Pearson Police Department at 912-422-7411.

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