Police out on patrol for Labor Day

Police out on patrol for Labor Day

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police are working to save lives as the Labor Day holiday weekend comes to a close.

But eight people have already been killed in crashes on Georgia roads since Friday.

On the roads Monday, Patrolman Dorian Hall with Dougherty County Police said his main concern was making sure people were wearing seat belts and driving the speed limit.

"Drive safe man. It's Labor Day so definitely drive safe," said Officer Hall after giving a warning to one driver after being pulled over.

The Dougherty County Police Department let WALB ride along with Officer Hall on Labor Day.

"We're heading down to Liberty Expressway to get speeders and seatbelts," said Patrolman Hall.

He said he wants those people to slow down and buckle up, especially on a busy holiday.

According to AAA, almost 35 million Americans packed up their cars and headed out of town for the holiday weekend.

Hall said aggressive enforcement greatly decreases injuries and deaths on the roadway.

"If you keep everybody within the perimeters of the law, within the speed limit, that takes down on the traffic accidents and the fatalities," said Hall.

DCP officers are doing their part to make sure those numbers stay down and everyone gets home safely.

"[We] enforce traffic laws, enforce speeders, enforce DUIs, crack down on impairments. Impairments by drugs, alcohol, anything like that would be good especially on a Labor Day holiday," said Hall.

Hall said people should always wear seatbelts and drive the speed limit, and not just on holiday weekends.

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