Albany YMCA expands after school program

Albany YMCA expands after school program

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Area YMCA is expected to serve a lot more children in its after school academic program.

The organization's 21st Century Community Leaning Centers Program is expanding from two schools to three.

In three years, it has grown from 125 to 450 Dougherty County Elementary students.

Students will receive after school tutoring in math, reading, and enrichment learning from teachers in the Dougherty County School system.

"We go by past years scores on the test and we pick those kids to help them better during the school day," said Program Director Erin Hutchins. "It's a co-curricular activity. It's not extra-curricular meaning the teachers have an opportunity to enhance what they learn in the school day."

The kids really like the program. I think that they respond very well to having that extra time with the schools to learn more. They are just soaking things up like a sponge and are really succeeding. It healps them to be more successful in the classroom," said Hutchins.

The program starts Tuesday, September 2 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Alice Coachman, Live Oak, and Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary schools.

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