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Large tree branch falls near Thomasville home

Makeera Hardy and Teanna Johnson Makeera Hardy and Teanna Johnson
Eddie Jones, homeowner Eddie Jones, homeowner

A large tree branch knocked out power to more than half a dozen residents in a Thomasville neighborhood this morning.

11-year-old Teanna Johnson and 12-year-old Makerra Hardy heard a large branch fall in front of their family's house. The two cousins are visiting from Florida.

"We came on the porch, we heard a noise and a tree fell and we all panicked and we ran inside the house," said Teanna Johnson.

"I ran out in my underwear because I didn't know what was going on,” said Eddie Jones, homeowner. “So I was like wow, I'm out here like this."

The branch missed a car by a few inches, but it did knock down some power cables connected to the home.

"We won't have any electricity up until Tuesday, so we probably got to check into a motel room,” said Jones. “We cooking on the grill now, so we got to survive, but it could've been a lot worse."

Crews were busy restoring power to residents along Booker Street.

City workers came out to clean up some of the debris, but the Jones family is working on the rest.

"The tree is not on the city property so that is going to be on us to clean it up,” said Jones. “So our home insurance is going to take care of it."

Family members say they're just thankful no one was injured.

"We were very proud that no one got hurt because we love our family," said Makeera Hardy.

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