Rape victim offers advice to recent victims

There are at least two suspects still on the loose after four people were raped in the last week. Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police say they do not believe any of the cases are related.

Several of the cases were stranger rapes. WTOC spoke to a woman who had a similar experience 20 years ago.

Jenny Lynn Anderson is offering advice to these recent victims because she said it's taken most of her life just to get through the healing process.

Anderson said for about ten years after she was raped in a hotel room in Atlanta, she held it all in and never wanted to talk about it, but says that's the worst thing. She says there are three things victims can do to start that healing process.

1.  Decide whether you are a worrier or a warrior. In other words, are you going to worry about this the rest of your life or are you going to be beat it?

2. Try to forgive your assailant. Anderson says this is one of the hardest steps especially if your assailant has not been caught.

3.Share your story because people care.

"The ones of us who have gone through it, if you keep it all bottled up inside of you and if you never release it to another human being, that is a huge load to carry," said Anderson.  

Anderson decided to share her story by writing a book about it, but there are counseling services and other ways to help heal by going through the Savannah Rape Crisis Center.

For more information about Anderson's story, visit here.

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