Man accused of murdering Columbus woman and baby appears in court

Man accused of murdering Columbus woman and baby appears in court

COLUMBUS, GA (WALB) - A man accused of murdering his baby, and the child's mother, had his first appearance in Muscogee County court Friday, Aug. 29.

Detectives believe Brandon Conner stabbed Rosella Mitchell to death, and set a fire in her home to cover up the crime.

According to testimony, Conner was arrested the same night of the fire for something completely unrelated.

Police say Conner was coincidentally observed by a patrol officer acting suspiciously in his car on Cedar Ave. near the place where he works. As the officer investigated further, he described Conner as looking nervous, sweating, and being covered in blood.

A search warrant was served on Conner's vehicle, and police say they found more bloody clothing, and a knife inside.

Based on the fact that Conner's girlfriend and son were found dead the same night, and Mitchell's cause of death was later determined to be from stabbing and not the fire, the judge found probable cause to hold Conner without bond until his next court date.

Defense attorney J. Mark Shelnutt says, "[He's] never been in trouble a day in his life. Thirty-five-years-old, you've heard, they've got no evidence that she's filed any type of complaint, that they've ever had an argument that escalated into a police report, yet she has filed complaints about other people."

Shelnutt declined to elaborate about any of those documented complaints and who they are against, saying that it will be brought up in court at a later time.

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