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Your Week in Viral Videos: Little girl in awe of space shuttle

A space shuttle launch left this little girl nearly speechless. (Source: Keith Zerfas/YouTube) A space shuttle launch left this little girl nearly speechless. (Source: Keith Zerfas/YouTube)

(RNN) – Millions of people were inspired by the space shuttle, and it continues to do that, even though it hasn't flown in more than three years.

This little girl, Shaylee, could be the first person to walk on Mars. Of course, NASA would have to start launching people into space again for that to happen, so Shaylee will probably remain Earth-bound like the rest of us.

However, if anyone is a candidate for Mars exploration, it's her because she's completely in awe of a space shuttle launch. It isn't clear when this video was recorded, or if the launch was being shown live while she watched it, but it was uploaded last week.

At any rate, Shaylee has the same look in her eyes we all do when see something that leaves us speechless. Shaylee appears to be old enough to talk pretty well, but all she can muster is “Oh my goodness” and “At's a wocketship.”

Her Elmo toy, however, chimes in perfectly at the end to describe her expression.

Looking down on the world

Standing on top of a skyscraper is stupid, but if you're going to do it, you should at least have the common decency to get good video of it.

Frank Wu is a guy who did that. Why he did it is uncertain, but we can safely assume he did it because it looks awesome.

We can also safely assume he lived, because the video was uploaded in his name. Don't do this. Or, well, do this, just don't die while trying to do this, which is not guaranteed.

So, yeah, just don't do this.

Why you need coffee

Good news, coffee drinkers, you can't overdose on java.

Coffee gets you going in the morning and keeps you going until the middle of the afternoon when you reach for another cup, and then you can't sleep at night because you drank that cup and you need more coffee the next morning.

It's a vicious cycle of drowsiness, stimulus and withdrawal. It's also explained perfectly by science. (WARNING: Educational content.)

Stick to using cash

Well, this is just simply terrifying.

The guy behind you in line can steal your ATM password just by simply being in line behind you because you are a warm-blooded mammal and give off heat whenever you touch something.

We're all doomed.

However, what the video fails to mention is the ATM password is useless without the ATM card, so the danger is probably a little overstated.

Animal of the Week

Elephants love classical music.

We should have already known this, though, because they are Bach-yderms.

More stuff for when you're bored

Football is here, and so is “Johnny Football.” However, Johnny Manziel hasn't proven himself very well on the field in the NFL, but he has shown he's capable of making oddly hilarious commercials.

The only thing better than a building demolition is a building demolition with fireworks and terrified birds.

Girl nerds take all kinds of crap about not being real fans and only interested in the sex appeal of the heroes and the sex appeal of themselves in costumes. However, it's not so funny when it gets turned around. Well, actually, it's funnier.

This stupid gopher built his home in the middle of the road, which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't also so fat he couldn't get out of the opening.

Getting laid off is never fun, especially when you have a high-profile job at a place like CNN. But Lisa Desjardins is keeping a positive attitude about her future as a reporter. If you need proof, just look at all the reporter's notebooks she stole.

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