SGMC demonstrates capabilities of its DaVinci robot

SGMC demonstrates capabilities of its DaVinci robot
Precious Kelly
Precious Kelly

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - As a doctor practiced using the mechanical arms on the DaVinci robot to move rubber bands from one object onto another Friday afternoon, they were practicing what it would be like to use the robot during an actual surgery.

"The robot allows us to use it in small little parts and the patient is allowed to heal quicker and go back to work on their normal duties more quicker," said Precious Kelly, a DaVinci coordinator in the OR and surgical department at SGMC.

South Georgia Medical Center has been using the robot for about four years now, but wants the public to be more aware of it so that more people may consult their doctor about using it.

"If [your doctor] say 'okay, you look like you're gonna need to have a hysterectomy,' [you can say] 'I've heard info about the DaVinci system, will I be a candidate for this procedure' and then go from there," Kelly stated.

Kelly said she likes using the robot because it allows her to get a closer look at the patient.

"You can see up close, whereas in a traditional procedure if you're lookin' down like this it's considered contamination if you get too close to the patients," explained Kelly. "With the robot, you can move the screen up closer to you and you can see all the depths of the anatomy that you need to see."

And patients seem to like it, too.

"The patients I've talked to loved it. They was like, 'I feel like I can go back now! I'm ready to go back to work now!'," said Kelly enthusiastically.

Not to worry though, even if the DaVinci robot is performing surgery on you the human doctor is still in control. "There's nothin' done without a human doing it. The robot is not going to come up to you and say 'I'm gonna take your uterus out,'" Kelly emphasized. "Nothin's done without a human doing it."

So, robots aren't totally replacing human least not yet.

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