Crisp County Sheriff hopes to find lost Alzheimer's victims with new device

Crisp County Sheriff hopes to find lost Alzheimer's victims with new device

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - The Crisp County Sheriff's Office has used confiscated drug money to help the people of its county.

It's called Project lifesaver, and it's a search and find device now being used in Crisp County.

"It's an opportunity for us to be able to help our citizens that may have someone that is elderly with Alzheimer's or they may have special needs," said Sheriff Bill Hancock.

Select Officers spent the last couple days learning how to use the device. They took us on a demonstration Thursday.

Project lifesaver was created in 1999 and is now used in 48 states and multiple countries. Sheriff's officials say using seized drug money to buy the equipment made perfect sense.

"This organization has come up with this device and it can be put in the field immediately. This saves lives and money," said Sgt. Ben Bray.

It also saves precious time. Project Lifesaver led us directly to a hidden bracelet in about 5 minutes. And that's precisely the point--cutting search times.

"And not only are these searches successful, it's cut the search time down to 30 minutes," said Bray.

Project Lifesaver has helped save about 2800 people in the last 15 years. Anyone who wants a bracelet can get one at the Crisp County Sheriff's Office, even if they don't live in that county.

"Somebody should come from out of state or out of county and be a member of project lifesaver, they can register with us and we will know they were in our community and if they were to walk away while they were here then we could immediately start to assist finding those individuals as well," said Hancock.

Sheriff Hancock hopes to train all his officers on Project Lifesaver.

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