Viewpoint: Worth Fire Protection

Viewpoint: Worth Fire Protection

Fire protection is a basic service most of you expect to get for your tax money, but some south Georgians aren't getting it.

It's essentially non-existent in much of Worth County, and that has led to exorbitant insurance rates for many homeowners.

Folks in the growing Lake Blackshear area organized to demand a full-time fire department. They're right to point out expensive homes there pour a lot of revenue into the county, and it's true a fire station there would lead to more growth that would bring in more revenue. It's smart for the county to find a way to staff a station in that area.

But county leaders need to be careful. They shouldn't provide a service to certain residents that folks in less wealthy areas don't receive.

At least commissioners are now trying to tackle the problem, and we hope they find a way to give all residents the fire protection they expect.

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