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Bond hearing reveals details of Rosewood Manor death

Defense attorney Jill Starling Defense attorney Jill Starling
Diana Jacobs was charged with concealing a body. Diana Jacobs was charged with concealing a body.
DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - Startling new details were heard Thursday morning in the case of a body found buried behind a personal care home.

A Coffee County detective testified a woman who worked there was surprised when he showed up to question her.

The testimony came in a brief bond hearing for a former licensed practical nurse, and she and her husband remain in jail

Diana Jacobs' mother, Helen Malphus, wrapped a supporting arm around her daughter as she was called as a witness by Jacobs' attorney to begin the bond hearing.

Malphus was asked about Alexander Hunter, the man found buried behind Rosewood Manor where Jacobs works, and his time at the assisted living facility. She told the judge there was nothing strange about his stay or the work her daughter did at the facility.

The hearing then quickly shifted when the prosecutor called Detective Jamie Hersey as a witness. Hersey testified that Jacobs initially lied to detectives about the whereabouts of Hunter when they showed up at the personal care home on August 8th.

The detective said after he continued to ask questions, Jacobs finally led the police to the body. "She told him there was a body in the shed. She didn't say who's body it was, she just said 'he's in there.'"

Jacobs shook her head in disagreement as Hersey continued, telling the courtroom about a revealing interview with her husband, James Jacobs, who is also charged with concealing a death and financial fraud.

James told the detective that Diana called him to the manor one night, where he found Hunter dead. He told Hersey that she refused to call law enforcement before he helped her move the body to the shed.

"They then put the body in a wheelchair, rolled him in a wheelchair out in the shed and went with Mrs. Jacobs in the shelter and that that was the last time he had ever seen him."

Hersey wrapped up his testimony by saying more charges are pending in this ongoing investigation. Investigators are still waiting on autopsy results to determine how Alexander Hunter died.

The hearing only lasted about 20 minutes before it was postponed because the defense attorney was ill. It has not been rescheduled.
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