County employees support coworker in cancer fight

County employees support coworker in cancer fight

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Terrell County employees are putting their hats on to support a co-worker.

The ladies in the County Commission building began wearing hats every Wednesday to show their support for Mary Bozeman, who has been losing her hair during cancer treatment.

She's been working for the county's correctional institute for 26 years and was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Now they take pictures every week and send them to Mary to help make her smile.

"So as just a way to give her support, that we care about her, what she's going through, we just kind of all brainstormed together and decided that on every Wednesday we would have Mad hatter's day for Mary," said County Clerk Beth Parnacott.

Other county employees are also participating and Beth Parnacott encourages other departments to join in.

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