Worth Co. commissioner accused of going back on his word

Worth Co. commissioner accused of going back on his word
Warwick resident Tom Hunt
Warwick resident Tom Hunt
Worth County Commission Chairman Mike Cosby
Worth County Commission Chairman Mike Cosby

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Worth County homeowners said the County Commission Chairman went back on his word.

They said he promised to find money to staff a fire station in the Warwick area, but is now adding that they can only move forward if Warwick agrees to fund it.

Tom Hunt said he left a meeting with county leaders Monday night feeling they were moving in the right direction.

Now, he's worried this battle for fire service is going nowhere.

Folks who live in north Worth County are pushing county leaders to pay for full-time firefighters around Warwick and Lake Blackshear.

At the end of a meeting Monday night, homeowner Tom Hunt asked county commissioners for their support.

Hunt said, "We were asking for a commitment from them and 125 people at that meeting saw three people commit."

One of those three people was Chairman Mike Cosby.

Cosby said, "I told them that we were in favor of the fire station if the funding was there. And we've got to have the support of the city of Warwick."

But Hunt said he explicitly asked commissioners for their commitment regardless of whether the city of  Warwick commits to any funding.

Hunt knows it will be a hard task to find the money, but he thinks it's the county's responsibility to provide protection for its people.

Hunt said, "It's not about money. It's about saving lives and protecting folks' property. And we do it from whatever sources we have."

But Cosby insists that's easier said than done.

Cosby said, "No we don't have the money right now. We're just going to have to look into it and see where we can get it from."

Hunt says he hopes commissioners will come to a decision soon.

"My greatest fear is that there's going to be a fire up here and someone will be greatly harmed," said Hunt. "And then I want to see which one of these commissioners [will] then stand up and say 'Gosh, I'll take the blame for this.'"

The commissioners plan to have another meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the Worth County Courthouse.

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