Dry weather sparks concern for grilling

Dry weather sparks concern for grilling

The labor day weekend is almost here. As many folks get the grills ready, fire officials are putting out a warning, especially since the weather has been extremely dry.

For many people, celebrating labor day weekend means firing up the grill. But the recent dry weather poses a danger.

"We're always concerned when it's really dry, just because it doesn't take much heat to get a fire started when it's this dry. The grass is brown and lights off pretty quickly and will spread pretty fast," said Lieutenant Ricky Thompson with the Albany Fire Department.

Authorities encourage grillers to use gas grills in a ventilated area, place all grills far away from homes and properly dispose of charcoals.

"If they're using charcoal grills especially, when they dispose of the coals not to through them out on the ground because they could start a grass fire, which could get into the woods and cause a woods fire," said Thompson.

Albany fire officials say when it comes to cooking safety, it's not just grills. The majority of their house fires begin in the kitchen.

"We just want to remind them to be safe, even when if they're not grilling, to stay with the food, don't leave the stove unattended. And if they have to leave the room, take something with them like a spoon or a spatula to remind them that the stove is on so they don't leave it unattended," said Thompson.

That way everyone can enjoy the holiday weekend, safely.

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