Gun safety becomes concern after Arizona accident

Gun safety becomes concern after Arizona accident

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After a tragic accident in Arizona where a 9-year old girl fatally shot her instructor at a gun range, south Georgians are weighing in on gun safety.

Gun ranges in Georgia allow kids of any age to shoot as long as their parents are with them.

Kids can learn to shoot at Solo Archery, but experts say parents need to be careful about what types of guns they let their kids handle.

Gunshots are a sound that many south Georgians hear at an early age.

This is footage just moments before a 9 year old fatally shot her instructor with an Uzi. The gun recoiled and killed 39 year old Charles Vacca.

"It's a lot to handle and if you're not very familiar with it, it'll get away from you," said Backwoods Outdoors owner Jackie Sizemore.

The gun in question is a gun experts say should be left to professionals. Most agree that kids should start with low caliber guns.

"You like to start them off with a single shot gun so they get the idea of pulling the trigger, and go through the whole routine of safety that way," said Sizemore.

"With a novice shooter we encourage them to load, for parents or anyone that is supervising the child, to load one round at a time,' said DNR Wildlife Technician Brian Vickery.

Loading a gun one round at a time allows the young shooter to learn the basis of gun safety.

"It's a foundation that you build on. The foundation being the safety and taking small gradual steps as the person is ready--child or novice shooter," said Vickery.

Sizemore sells many different guns at his Lee County business. He says kids should know the serious repercussions guns can have.

"You just go over all the different scenarios. You get them real familiar with how guns work and that kind of thing at an early age," said Sizemore.

After all this, then it's time to take what they've learned to a gun range.

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