Georgia's driving skills aren't a point of pride

Georgia's driving skills aren't a point of pride

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - How safe do you feel driving on Georgia roads? A new study shows you have reason to worry.

Georgia cities didn't fare too well in Allstate's tenth annual America's Best Drivers Report.

Only four Georgia cities were included in the study of the country's 200 biggest cities. Columbus came in at number 73. Augusta was 92, Savannah is 149th, and Atlanta is near the bottom.

James Steedley says he is not surprised Georgia drivers are not highly ranked in Allstate's America's Best Drivers Report.

"It's crazy out there. You know how it is."

Allstate Insurance ranked America' 200 largest cities, using factors including population, population density, and precipitation with auto collision data.

According to the report, the average driver in Atlanta will experience an auto collision every 7-point-two years, more than 39% higher than the national average. A Columbus driver on average would experience a collision every 9 point 6 years.

One South Georgia Veteran traffic officer says last year's ice storm shows why Georgians rank bad on precipitation.

Dougherty County Police Captain Thomas Jackson said "Examples are whenever we have ice or rain people do not realize they need to reduce their speed, and drive more safely. But they do not, they still drive the same speeds."

All the drivers we talked with today said Georgia drivers have safety issues.

Jeff Wilson said "Nobody uses their turn signals anymore."

Virginia Gillem said "If it's a two land and it's starting to merge over, they are going to zoom right past you and try to get over in that lane."

"Texting. Raining. Every time it rain I see a wreck," Steedley said.

Allstate puts out its best drivers report to boost discussion about safe driving, and increase awareness about being attentive behind the wheel.

For the fourth year in a row, Fort Collins, Colorado earned the top spot in the report.

Allstate is revealing the 2014 report, which contains new data rankings and historical rankings from the past 10 years in an interactive mapping tool found at

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