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Peanut container plant prepares for season amid 60th anniversary

RANDOLPH CO., GA (WALB) - South Georgia farmers will start picking peanuts soon, which means workers at Peerless Manufacturing are busy building trailers and dryers getting ready for the season.

"We start building early but this is where everyone started getting nervous because we have a crop to bring home and so we are working overtime and working Saturdays to try and help the customer out," says President Bill Dykes.

Workers start from the ground up, with raw steel, fabricating and welding the 45 foot trailers, which eventually end up shiny and red, ready to go into the fields to haul peanuts.

When the company first started building trailers they carried about four tons of peanuts, but today's trailers carry as much as 25 tons of peanuts.

"The big picker combines these days do eight rows at a time and the season used to be three or four months and now its 6 to 8 weeks and we just need to go further to pick up peanuts and bring them back to the drying shed," says Dykes.

This year Peerless is celebrating 60 years of business.

"Businesses come and go and its exciting to be in and around this community and for a business to survive," he says.

About two-thirds of the country's peanuts are grown in our part of Georgia.

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