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Airsoft gun leads to aggravated assault charge

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A 13-year old boy in Moultrie is charged with aggravated assault. He's accused of shooting another teen with an airsoft gun.

Tyquavion Breland was walking to his mother's house Sunday after church when it happened. He says he doesn't know the kid who shot him, but he's just thankful it wasn't worse.

"I turned around and I was like what? And then he shot me in my eye," said Breland.

14-Year old Tyquavion Breland was surprised when an airsoft pellet pierced his eye. His grandmother was even more surprised.

"I got the call that said he got shot in the eye with a BB gun. My first reaction was, 'shot in the eye,'" said Shirlene Walker.

Breland was walking down 12th Avenue after church when the 13-year old jumped out of the car and shot at him. The two weren't playing together, and Breland says he doesn't think it was a joke.

"Well he had a sick type of smile on his face. I really don't even know if the kid was joking. To me I think it was intentional because he just looked at me, started smiling and then just shot me," said Breland.

Breland came home from the hospital and has to wear this eye patch to keep light out of his eye. The pellet left a dent in his left eye that will heal with time, but Breland knows it could have been much worse.

"Yes, very thankful I didn't lose my vision over some kid that just lost his mind I guess," said Breland.

Airsoft guns are a common household toy, available almost anywhere, but law enforcers say it's important to treat the toys like real guns.

The Moultrie PD is treating this like a real case too--arresting the 13-year old and charging him with aggravated assault.

"Treat every gun like a loaded gun. Even toy guns like that can cause serious injuries," said Moultrie PD Investigator Raul Leal.

A court date is set for some time in September.

Breland plans to go back to school on Thursday after getting out of Colquitt Regional Sunday night.

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