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Dawson Mayor seeks another term

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson Mayor Christopher Wright kicked off his run for a second term on Monday, just ten months after he was nearly killed in an ambush shooting in his home.

Mayor Wright says he's in good spirits these days and hopes the city will reelect him for another term because he says he's still got plenty of work to do.

"Doing well these days, high spirits, high expectations.,” says Dawson Mayor Christopher Wright.

It's been nearly a year since he was shot multiple times at his home in Dawson.

And despite his near death experience he's moving forward, and says God is what guides him.

"I believe if he brings me to any situation he'll see me through it, and I too so know that if anything should happen to me I can look forward to a home on high," says Wright.

He's says he's running for a second term because he's not finished yet. He wants to get Dawson "up with the times", but retain its historical integrity.

"Not to take away from our historical values. but to be more accessible not only to the people that are here but those that wish to come and visit," he says.

He describes his campaign "Believe Dawson" as more of a movement to motivate citizens to get involved and think positive.

"Without the people there would be no city and if the people aren't motivated to move forward then we will never there so we need to give them a sense of ownership and we are encouraging them to get involved,” says Wright.

In the meantime the GBI has no leads as to who was involved in the shooting, but Wright says he feels safe.

"I'm not concerned, thanks to Governor Deal I'm a licensed carrier now so thanks Governor Deal," he says.

Wright is the youngest Mayor to serve Dawson and says he looks forward to his 25th birthday in December.

Mayor Wright says he also wants to create more recreational opportunities for families in Dawson.

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