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Americus city boss talks about former worker departure

Chris Wooden Chris Wooden
Laura Bernstein Laura Bernstein
AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - The Americus Chief Administrative Officer says a former city worker was not fired for his role in an ice bucket video.

Former Water Superintendent Chris Wooden says he was let go for filming the video, while no one else was punished.

Chief Administrative Officer Laura Lee Bernstein says the city has disciplined others involved.

Wooden previously put in a letter of resignation, and the city chose to accept it immediately.

Bernstein says supporting the charity isn't an issue, but the time and place of the video put the city at risk.

"The individuals took it upon themselves to use city equipment and on city time without the department head being aware of it, without myself being aware of it, and without mayor and council being aware of it. His resignation was accepted effective immediately."

Bernstein says the city paid Wooden for this week. He previously accepted a job in Andersonville's Public Works Department.

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