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More youths using E cigarettes

new looks of E Cigs new looks of E Cigs
E cigarettes E cigarettes

Lung cancer remains the number one cause of preventable cancer deaths in theU.S.S

More than a quarter million Middle and High School students that have never smoked used E cigarettes.

A new study from the CDC states those youths are almost twice as likely to smoke conventional cigarettes.

The CDC says parents should be very concerned.

There is evidence that nicotine's adverse effects on adolescent brain development could result in lasting issues with cognitive function.

The Cancer Coalition of South Georgia is working with schools to educate parents and staff about the new types and the dangers..

Kimberly Scott from Cancer Coalition of Georgia says"Many of them come in bright colors, look like pens, USB devices. Easy to have these products on campus without staff or adults recognizing that these products are E cigarettes."

Scott says because E cigarettes are fairly new there are no long term studies that show health risks. But that many of them have unregulated concentrations of nicotine.

The Georgia Tobacco quit line phone number is :

1-877-270-STOP (7867)


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