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Rochelle Woman battling ALS speaks out about disease and ice bucket challenges

Marlene Parks, Diagnosed with ALS Marlene Parks, Diagnosed with ALS

A Rochelle woman is speaking out about her battle against ALS and how the nation is coming together to raise awareness about the disease through thousands of ice bucket challenges.

52-year-old Marlene Parks is confined to a motorized wheelchair. She was diagnosed with ALS just six months ago. The pain in her legs started three years ago, and she quickly began to lose control of her body.

"I walked with a limp, and then I started walking, I started falling and then I started walking with a walker," said Marlene Parks.

Since her diagnosis she's lost control of the muscles in her body. It also affects her breathing, and causes her hands to swell.

"It's very hard when you are a go getter and then you just stop, you can't do nothing for yourself,” said Parks. “It really hurts."

Her husband now works part time at their family welding shop so he can take care of her.

"He has to help do everything, just about feeding me, putting me to bed, everything,” said Parks.

More attention has been drawn to the disease as people around the nation participate in ice bucket challenges to raise money to find a cure. Last week, Park's doctors raised $1000 doing the ice bucket challenge. Her family members also did their own ice bucket challenge. Parks says it's great to see so many people around the nation get involved.

"I think it's wonderful that people care enough to try to get enough money to raise for the cure," said Parks.

Parks says she hopes a cure for the disease will be found soon.

"You don't expect what's gone happen the next morning when you wake up," said Parks.

In the meantime, Parks is on a home healthcare waiting list, and has regular visits to the doctor every three months.

You can find more information about ALS by clicking here.

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