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Workshop set in Worth Co. fire funding debate

North Worth County's only fire truck North Worth County's only fire truck
Jake Bowen, Developer with Flint River Preserve Jake Bowen, Developer with Flint River Preserve

North Worth county homeowners have been fighting for better fire service for two years.  

They hope a meeting with county leaders on Monday will be a step in the right direction.

North Worth county currently has only one volunteer fire station with two volunteers.

Lake Blackshear homeowner and former volunteer firefighter Tom Hunt does not think that is right.

Hunt said, "It's not one of the nice-to-have things.  It is a basic obligation of the county commissioners to provide fire protection to the citizens of this community." 

Hunt and 200 other people signed a petition asking for full-time firefighters.  

They delivered it to county commissioners Thursday night at the Worth County Courthouse.

Hunt said, "I don't know if some of the folks or the commissioners actually heard what we were saying."

Flint River Preserve developer Jake Bowen spoke at the meeting Thursday night. 

He said his new development could bring in huge revenue to the county, but not if high home insurance premiums because of poor fire protection scare off buyers.

Bowen said, "I'll have a difficult time selling houses if people are having to pay $4,000 or $5,000 a year for homeowners insurance."

Both Hunt and Bowen said that if the commissioners cannot find a way to provide them with adequate service, they won't lose hope.

Bowen said, "We're going to have fire protection in North Worth County.  They're going to get that message.  There's too many of us up here. And we're not giving up. We're not giving up."

The commissioners plan to meet again for a workshop to discuss how and if they will fund a permanent fire service. 

The workshop will begin Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Sylvester Community Center.

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