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Horses need to beat the heat, too

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We are under a heat advisory as we expect potentially record setting temperatures Saturday. A Lee County equestrian center is making sure their horses are protected from the heat.

Pinona is taking it easy in today's south Georgia heat. "We been preparing for this for about a week," said Norma Karst of Star K Equestrian Center.

Karst owns Star-K equestrian center in Leesburg. She's been watching the weather to make sure her horses are taken care of properly. "It's very life threatening if you don't keep them hydrated," said Karst.

Most of South Georgia is under a heat advisory until 8 tonight. Karst uses fans, shade and plenty of water for her horses. "We give them a lot of electrolytes. Year 'round we give them salt mineral block which they need to keep hydrated."

Karst says the normal body temperature for a horse runs about 100 degrees. But when its this hot, she takes extra precaution. "We usually turn the out early in the morning and we start bringing them in depending on the heat advisory around 1 and 2pm."

Karst has 58 horses that she trains, boards and competes with. But they won't be doing much work until it cools down. "They are actually kept at rest. We don't want them over extending themselves, where they sweat more and get in trouble."

Karst says it's important to pay attention to any animal for signs of dehydration during extra hot days.

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