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Albany students demonstrate peaceful protest

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Students at Albany High School got some hands-on experience Friday morning to learn from the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. "What do we want? Justice!" the students yelled. "What do we need? Peace!"

With their feet marching and signs of peace and justice held high, around 200 Albany High students banded together during class time Friday in demonstration.

The students spent the first day of their school year watching the protests and violence in Ferguson, Missouri. So, their instructors chose to use the turmoil they saw as a teaching moment, taking notes as the events unfolded.

"One of the things that we began to notice is that they switch back and forth from calling it a protest to a riot," said Albany High instructor Dr. Marcus Glass.

"I mean a riot was a riot and a protest was a protest," said student Malisha Jones. "Because at first it was like they were kind of the same because of the way people made it."

The students began learning about the different ways people attempt to be heard.

"We discovered that riot is unorganized and that protests are peaceful organized events," Dr. Glass pointed out. "Police presence is there but they're not there to harm the people. They're there to protect the people."

The students decided to put what they learned into practice. Without taking sides on what is happening in Ferguson, the students wanted to show others how to protest peacefully.

"In the words of a great leader, 'if you don't stand for something then you'll fall for anything,'" said student Brashuana Briley. "So, if your voice is not heard, then how will anything change?"

Now, they hope their message spreads and that more people will choose peace.

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