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Huge drug operation stuns neighborhood

Kyria Lewis Kyria Lewis
Deborah Young Deborah Young
ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Neighbors tell us they're shocked that drug agents uncovered what they call the largest drug manufacturing operation ever in Albany, right on their street.

All the people we talked with on Melrose Drive  said it's frightening to learn a dangerous drug operation was hidden on their street. Drug agents agree, they had a right to be worried.

Deborah Young says the news of the drug bust, just down the street on Melrose Drive, was the talk of the neighborhood. She says 31 year old Lester Joffrion was hard to miss, driving a Pink Dodge Magnum.

"I just know he drove that Miss Kitty Pink station wagon. And everybody made fun of that. But I mean a grown man don't drive around in a Hello Miss Kitty Pink station wagon."

But Young and every neighbor we talked to said the extent of the drug manufacturing police say was going on in Joffrion's home was a big surprise.

"I didn't think anything like this was happening in this neighborhood," Young said.

Tracy Mallory walks her dog past that house, because she thought it was a nice quiet street. "Drug manufacturing. I would have never thought I would hear that around here," Mallory said.

Kyria Lewis says she is concerned that drug operation was an unknown danger to her family. "Yea. Could have had a lot of robberies. Gun fighting, and all that. It was just too much."

The commander of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit says neighbors should be concerned, but they are hard to spot. He says just a lot of people coming and going from a home does not mean there is a drug operation.

"If it comes in fluctuations of a different portion of the week. Or after a payday, or the first of the month, those are the type of things we look for," Major Bill Berry said.

Drug agents say even people living on the quietest street should keep watch, to protect themselves.

Young said she would definitely keep her eyes open now.

If you suspect illegal activity on your street in Albany, you can report it to the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit at 430-5150.

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