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Large bee hive being relocated from Valdosta business

Perry McKinney Perry McKinney

Thousands of honey bees are being removed from a Valdosta business in order to protect the bees.

Perry McKinney, owner of The Snake Pit at the corner of North Ashley Street and Park Avenue, noticed the bee hive several months ago and contacted a bee keeper to begin removing the bees and relocating them.

"I have a little knowledge of honey bees and knew there was gonna be an expansion once they make a hive," McKinney said.

The bees have made a hive inside an exterior wall at the back of McKinney's business, so the bee keeper has set up a box on the outside of the wall next to the hive to collect the bees and has been working to relocate the bees for last couple of months.

"The idea is to move 'em out of the wall and into the box, where we can move the box to another bee colony at another location," explained McKinney.

McKinney also pointed out that honey bees are a protected species in Georgia and currently there is a shortage of honey bees nationwide as well as in Georgia. He said even though the bees aren't posing any threat to people who pass by the business, he was concerned some people may try to kill the bees and he wanted to make sure the bees were relocated so that they wouldn't be killed.

"Any farmer will testify the importance of honey bees to the ecosystem, the crops, and of course where our food comes from," McKinney emphasized. "We were very, very concerned about getting the bees moved safely."

The bee keeper is expected to have a majority of the bees relocated within the next several days, at which point the hive will be sealed off so that no more bees can access it.

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