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Hunters prep for bow season

Hunter Jeremiah Johnson Hunter Jeremiah Johnson
Gander Mountain manager George Kokinda Gander Mountain manager George Kokinda
DNR Captain Jeff Swift DNR Captain Jeff Swift
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Bow hunting season is fast approaching and soon the arrows will be flying into wood fields across south Georgia.

"It's like football season, we count down for opening day," Hunter Jeremiah Johnson said.

And they aren't the only ones who are prepping, hunting stores like Gander Mountain expect an influx of people stocking up.

"It's been pretty a good amount of customers coming in," Manager George Kokinda said. "So, we getting ready to really explode for the season and the customers are really excited about the whole thing"

"This time of year we normally take in inventory of our gear to see what we have in, what we need, what kind of conditions its in." Johnson continued.

Checking hooks, rope, and other tools are vital especially when dealing with aggressive targets like alligators. It's the first harvest hunters have a chance of participate in.

Department of Natural Resources Captain Jeff Swift recommends to test out equipment beforehand to avoid potential injures.

"It is a safe sport to participate in," Swift said. "However if handled incorrectly, handled wrongly an alligator does pose a threat"

Swift also encourages people to report violations to their department.

A way to keep hunters safe and continue the season.

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