APD tries to curb burglaries with Open and Empty program

APD tries to curb burglaries with Open and Empty program

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Police Department is working with businesses to try to prevent burglaries.

The new Open and Empty campaign encourages owners not to leave any money in their businesses overnight.

They're trying to figure out a way to prevent costly crimes. With this new program, APD took a step in the right direction.

"There has been a few business burglaries and this is a response to that," said APD Corporal Brian Covington.

That response comes in the form of this laminated piece of paper. The Open and Empty program is a way to encourage businesses to take their money with them when they close.

"These stores are making a commitment to leave their cash till drawers open to let would-be burglars know there's no money inside this business. There's no money inside these drawers,” said Covington.

The fliers are going up citywide, but most importantly, police are asking businesses that have been burglarized before to display them. Maryland fried chicken is one of those.

"We've been burglarized 4 or 5 times and attempted to be robbed once," said Maryland Fried Chicken manager Lacy Pendleton.

Pendleton says she's happy to see some response.

"I'm glad that they're doing something because for a while it seemed like they weren't. But now it's like they are actually going out and trying to keep this from happening to anybody else," said Pendleton.

The police department is doing this in an effort to show support for the community.

"We do care. And we take it personally when your business and your home is burglarized," said Covington.

Anyone who would like a flier and hasn't gotten one can call the police department at 229-431-2100. Police know these signs won't put a complete end to the burglaries, but they're hoping some of the places won't get broken into when thieves can see the open cash drawers.

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