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Police Chief: Surplus military equipment not necessary

(Source: KXLN 45 Univision/MGN Online) (Source: KXLN 45 Univision/MGN Online)

Valdosta's Police Chief says his department does not keep surplus military equipment on hand because he doesn't feel that it's necessary.

Police in Ferguson, Missouri are being criticized for their use of military style weapons and equipment to deal with protests since the shooting of Michael Brown.

Chief Brian Childress believes military equipment is more suited for a combat situation and not riot control.

"I've served 23 years in the military. I've been in combat zones. A combat zone and a riot situation are completely and totally different," said Childress.

He said the SWAT Team does have some gear that resembles military style equipment, but the SWAT Team are the only ones who use it and only when absolutely necessary.

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