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Wet conditions approach, DOCO prepares mosquito spraying

Albany resident Steven Issac Albany resident Steven Issac
DOCO public works environmental manager Donell Mathis DOCO public works environmental manager Donell Mathis

When rain falls, mosquitoes follow, moist conditions and standing water makes a perfect nesting area for the critters that's why Dougherty County Public Works will be rolling out their trucks this week to spray the city and surrounding areas.

"When I'm out in the garden or out mowing the yard or whatever I'm doing I mean that's when they're really bad," Albany resident Steven Issac said.

They're called Aedes Albopictus or Asian Tiger Mosquito, a day time biter, and with over 30 different species of mosquitoes in Dougherty, public works is already preparing to roll out the trucks.

"We'll begin spraying when the Aedes Albopictus are coming in and the Culex and the Anopheles and other mosquitoes are coming out," Dougherty County Public Works environmental manager Donell Mathis said.

It's a service Steven Issac is thankful for, he lives near areas where the blood sucking critters like to nest.

"Its scary especially how you have those little swamp areas back there." Issac said. "So you don't know if they're coming out of the water or which way, you just don't know, its annoying."

County officials say battling the pesky and sometimes deadly insect is a team effort.

"We try to do the best job we can, can we keep those mosquitoes out no, can we do everything we can to prevent them, yes," Mathis said.

That means wearing deet outdoors and throwing out any standing water, helping to avoid becoming a meal and protecting your health.

If you feel you have a mosquito problem you can contact the county, even on days when crews are not scheduled to spray.

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