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Airport officials wait on bid for vending area to be approved


Airport officials are hoping a recent bid will get approved to begin work on their vending area.

At Monday night’s Aviation Commission Meeting, they discussed the bid for their vending area. It came in at twice the amount the architect estimated it to be. Officials want to use the space for vending and a relaxation place for passengers while they wait on their flights.

"Work is starting to get more expensive, contractors are a lot more busy, so we need to go ahead and approve this so we can go ahead and build out that very last space of our terminal building,” said Yvette Aehle, Airport Director.

Airport officials will present the bid Tuesday morning at the city commission meeting for approval. A final vote on the bid by city commissioners will take place next Tuesday.

Last month, people there submitted a petition demanding fire protection after insurance rates skyrocketed when the ISO rating for that area went up to the worst possible rating.

Chairman Mike Cosby says the county hopes fees insurance companies pay when the fire department responds to a call will cover the costs.

People who live in south Worth County also want a fire station. Cosby says the county can't afford that right now, but he hopes to boost volunteer firefighter participation.

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