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'Mini Thunder' nets 100+ DUI arrests


In the wake of more than 100 people charged with DUI during a series of road checks over the weekend, two women want people to call them for a ride home if they are drinking and can't drive.

Jill McCrary and Donna Hendley said they were upset by the number of DUI's and say their business, called "DD on Demand," is designed to keep impaired drivers off the road.

The two act as paid designated drivers for those who want to arrive home safely.

"We will come and pick you up at the location you are at and drive you home in your car," said McCrary.

Over the weekend, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety brought in State Troopers and other officers to Albany for Operation Mini-Thunder.

During those three nights, authorities issued more than 260 citations. 101 of those were for driving under the influence.

"That is crazy and I didn't get one phone call and that really breaks are heart..." said McCrary. "That's what were are here for."

A DUI can cost a person $10,000 and time in jail. DD on Demand says their cost of $40 is a cheaper alternative than a ride in the police car.

"We're not really saving a life, but we're saving you that expensive ding on your record," said McCrary.

She said the numbers from Operation Mini Thunder were alarming.

"It lets me know that people say, 'I'm not going to get caught. They're not going to catch me,'" said Hendley.

"We're not a taxi [or] limousine service," she explained. "We don't drive them in our car, but their car and one of us follows. It's a team effort that we get them home safely."

DD on Demand often works with law enforcement to keep drunk drivers off the road.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety will be back for another round of road checks in the Albany area in September.

Seat Belt Warnings
Seat Belt Citations    15
Child Seat Warnings    6
Child Seat Citations    49
Speeding Warnings    0
Speeding Citations    0
Reckless Driving Citations    1
Uninsured Citations    5
DUI Citations    101
Suspended License Citations    32
Other Warnings    1
Other Citations    58
Pedestrian Violation Warnings    0
Pedestrian Violation Citations    0

Drug Arrests    15
Felony Arrests    10
Fugitives Apprehended    1
Stolen Vehicles Recovered    0


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