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Viral videos may be key in criminal cases

District Attorney Greg Edwards District Attorney Greg Edwards
Defense lawyer Patrick Flynn Defense lawyer Patrick Flynn
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Videos have the potential to be the key evidence in criminal cases, and video could change the way a case is prosecuted or defended.

Defense lawyers and prosecutors agree agree that videos and photographs carry a lot of weight in a criminal trial, but video evidence doesn't always make the case a slam dunk for the side that is presenting it.

One defense lawyer says improved technology results in different types of evidence.

"Everyone from 11 to 65 and up has an iPhone, cell phones, and are able to take pictures and videos so certainly it's much more prevalent parts of evidence now," said defense lawyer Patrick Flynn.

Photos and videos may depict someone doing exactly what they're accused of, but District Attorney Greg Edwards say it's not enough to make him guilty without a trial.

"Photos and videos are great witnesses, but just like any other witness, that evidence has to be presented by a neutral finder of fact and everybody charged with the crime is innocent until shown otherwise," said Greg Edwards.

Flynn says lawyers should make sure videos and photographs are authentic and not altered.

"You also want to talk to the witnesses, the people who were around who saw the picture taken, who were at the scene and who can give context as to why the video was taken," said Flynn.

Videos and photos may seem like the most important part of a case, but Edwards says it's just another way to find the truth.

"Photographic evidence, physical evidence, forensic evidence, all of these pieces of evidence are critical when you want to try and get to the truth of the matter," said Edwards.

A bond hearing for Contralus Brown and Kasheika Thomas has not been set.

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