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Lee County needs new volunteer firefighters


Lee County Public Safety is looking for 12 new volunteer firefighters to continue improving fire protection response.

This step is another to improve their ISO rating, which would bring down insurance premiums for residents and overall fire response in the county, starting with the Redbone Fire Department.

Public Safety Director Bobby Watkins says this is their first recruit in years. "In the 90's it fazed out a little bit. We had a career service that, a paid service that we started. So the volunteers dwindled off."

If this first round of free training goes well, they'll be looking for more volunteer firefighters to fill a need in the northern part of the county. "If you care about your neighbor, if you care about your fellow human being," added Watkins. "Please, come out and help us in any way you can."

Although, Watkins says it's not for just anyone, it's a tough gig and each applicant will go through several tests.

"You have to have a clean background, you gotta have a clean driving record. We're going to, you know, put them through a test, and a physical test to see if they can stand up to what we do."

Anyone wanting to become a volunteer firefighter should attend a meeting at 6 next Monday night, the 25th, at the Redbone Fire Station.

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