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College tuition fees slowly climb the charts

ASU freshman Kendra Springer ASU freshman Kendra Springer

Monday is the first day of classes get at Albany State University but many students enter college as tuition costs are steadily rising. So what are students doing handle the financial burden?

They are coming up with smarter tactics in order to relieve themselves from additional bills. And for the incoming freshman, its all about staying on top on things from the start.

That can be as simple as making sure you turn in your forms on time, a lot of financial aid applications require you to fill out paperwork several weeks in advance before you begin the semester. However, every year some students continue to wait until the last minute.

Although new to college, freshman Kendra Springer tells me she already has a battle plan in place, she says she is always informed about what is being offered to her such as new scholarships and grants. Springer stresses the importance of consistency so students don't miss out on opportunities.

According to a report in U.S. News, in a four year institution tuition costs have gone up nearly 3%, which is fairly small, its the lowest amount within a 12 month period in over 30 years, but when it is compared to the costs students pay out of pocket after financial aid, it has increased since 2010. That's because the amount of aid hasn't risen as quickly as the price of tuition.

Federal grants have dipped down by 10%, affecting many homes, most who are still trying to make ends meets from the recession.

Students say they are looking for other means for financial aid, one student said just by joining certain clubs they can help with student financial burdens. One thing students agreed on is keeping their GPA up to not only obtain certain scholarships and qualify for those special club grants.

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