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'Speed Trap' sign may return to Poulan

Maylon Benson Maylon Benson
POULAN, GA (WALB) - A sign that created quite a stir in one small town has been removed from a busy south Georgia highway, but it could soon be back.

The sign was critical of the Poulan Police Department. Maylon Benson says someone who helped him make the sign calling Poulan a speed trap asked him to take it down, but he hopes to put it back up.

Now, there's a big hole on Maylon Benson's property along Highway 82 just outside Poulan. Earlier this month, this sign sat in that spot. Benson says it got a lot of attention.

"I got people pulled up in my driveway. Left and Right. I can't even get out my driveway sometimes," Benson said.

The sign criticized the city of Poulan as a speed trap. Benson felt he was making a difference by helping people avoid speeding tickets.

"I will help people slow down when they see the sign and they enjoy and get a little giggle out of certain things," said Benson.

The sign was up for about five days. Benson won't say who helped him make the sign, but he says it was someone who was upset with Poulan police.

"Only reason she put the sign up was to get to talk to authorities and say what she wanted off her chest," said Benson,

And Benson promises the sign won't be gone for long. He's making a plan for its return. "We probably going to put it up Monday if we don't see a difference. Monday, I hope.

Benson says the sign is all fun and games and not to hurt anyone. "So they won't mind putting the sign up to slow people down. A lot of people love something that's funny. It's not against the policemen, cause the policemen got to do their job," said Benson.

Benson believes he's helping to slow people down and he wants to continue that mission.

The police chief says Poulan is not a speed trap. Benson is free to put the sign on his property next to the highway. It doesn't violate any DOT regulations.

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