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Key witness testifies in murder trial


Prosecutors called a key witness Thursday afternoon in the trial of two men accused of robbing and killing an Albany business owner four years ago.

Jamon Carter took the stand today. He previously entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit armed robbery in the same case.

Jordan Harris and Ezekiel James are on trial but deny having any involvement.

25-year-old Jamon Carter testified that Jordan Harris mentioned he was going to rob a store to get money for their shopping trip on July 3rd, 2010.

Prosecutors say during that robbery, Harris shot the P&P store owner, Walter Phelps, who died a month later.

Carter also testified that Harris said Ezekiel James would be the getaway driver.

Prosecutors say surveillance video shows Carter, Harris, James and another friend shopping at the Polo Store in Lake Park, hours after the robbery.

Harris is accused of using Phelps' credit card there.

After Carter admitted that Harris paid for his clothes, he identified each person in the video.

Carter says the first time he saw that surveillance video was on the news, just weeks after their shopping trip.

Carter testified that he met with James at Lake Loretta where James mentioned the shooting.

"We just walked around the lake and he didn't say much," said Carter. "All he was saying is why Jordan shoot the man?"

Carter, who was charged originally in the case, has entered a guilty plea to conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

The defense began questioning Carter late Thursday.

They say Carter is not a credible witness.

Carter's mother, Gloria Carter, is charged with tampering with evidence.

She's accused of trying to get rid of the clothes Jordan Harris bought for her son.

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