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Tag readers installed in Leesburg cruisers

Jeff Fordham Jeff Fordham
LEESBURG, GA (WALB) -  The Leesburg Police Department could be writing more tickets and catching more wanted suspects now that they have their first tag reader.

The department just received some new up-to-date equipment and they're hoping it will keep everyone safe.

A computer alert is a new sound for Leesburg Police. "When we're sitting stationary in a median or on the side of the road, it'll scan every tag that goes by," said SGT Jeff Fordham.

The department received its first tag reader; something they've been working to get for three years.

"It lets us know on the computer screen, it gives us a display of the vehicle, also the tag, and it lets us know whether or not the vehicle has no insurance, an expired tag, or suspended registration," said Fordham,

"You know, we're not picking on people, it's just promoting public safety. If you have a wreck, someone runs into you and they don't have any insurance and then they cause you a lot of problems," said Chief Charles Moore.

The scanners are mounted on the trunk which are connected to software inside.

"The first afternoon they got out there and they got three tickets. Two with suspended registration, one with no insurance. Anything in front of it, it puts it in the side over here."

The department also received five new in car cameras, equipped with GPS.

"So if they make a traffic stop and they lose something or somebody throws something out of the car while they're behind them, they can hit a button and it'll lock in those coordinates," said Chief Moore.

The cameras automatically turn on with the blue lights, and it's meant to help more than just the officers.

"The cameras can help you and it keeps the officers in line too, when they talk to the public. That's what we want to do, we want to be fair to our officers and fair to the public."

The department was able to get this new equipment through SPLOST money. The Leesburg Police Department was also able to purchase another camera with a grant, which means all police cars now have cameras inside.

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