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Smithville congregation repairs pastor's home

James Bradfield, church member James Bradfield, church member
Lance Fendley, Pastor Lance Fendley, Pastor

A Smithville Congregation is repairing their pastor's home after he discovered it had mold inside, and some other issues.

Love and support brought more than a dozen members of Smithville Baptist Church out to help make some repairs to their pastor's home. Lance Fendley has been living in his home next door to the church where he's been the pastor for 13 years.

"Just love, just wanting to do God's work and take care of each other,” said James Bradfield, church member.

"This is the church property, this is God's property so we've got to get it back where it needs to be,” said Lance Fendley, pastor.

His home is overdue for some repairs which has a leaky roof, and a broken air conditioning unit, which is creating mold in the walls.

"This house is on a low part, water comes down and it sits in these receptacles and it rusts them off,” said Fendley. “It's just stuff over time that you have to look at, you have to pay attention too."

They're putting in new insulation and replacing flooring. James Bradfield says he doesn't mind getting dirty for his pastor. He says Pastor Fendley has done a lot for him in the last 3 and a half years.

"He's always helping other people, whether they come to his church or not,” said Bradfield.

Fendley says his church is all about helping others, and this is just another example of how they do that.

"I believe we have the gift of helps,” said Fendley. “It's probably our strongest gift and they do a real good job of participating in that."

Fendley doesn't know when the repairs will be complete. He's just glad his congregation will be by his side every step of the way. Fendley is staying at another home while the repairs are being done. You can help bring the Fendleys home by clicking here.

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