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Man dead after shooting in Columbus

Police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting on Gleason Avenue. Police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting on Gleason Avenue.
Officer using metal detector to find evidence in yard. Officer using metal detector to find evidence in yard.

Columbus police say a man has died following a shooting on the 2900 block of Gleason Ave.

Robert Brooks was at his aunt's home when she discovered him lifeless at about 4 a.m. Friday morning, Aug. 8. 

The family believes he may have been the victim of a drive-by shooting. However, authorities say the shooting was not random, but intentional.

According to officials, a red car pulled up to the residence, and a total of 50 shots were fired into the house. A single bullet hit Brooks in the chest.

He was pronounced dead at 5:15 a.m.

"This is the first time I've ever seen a shooting happen this close," 43 year old Tammy Bryson said. Bryson lives right across from Brooks's house. She used to call Robert Brooks Maurelle. Bryson said he was a fun and friendly neighbor.

"There were times when he got on my nerves, but he always made me laugh," Bryson said. "He was a big jokester. He was friendly and fun."

Bryson said she heard shots fire Friday morning around 4 a.m. Bryson thought they were fire crackers.

"I heard couple shots," Bryson said. "I thought they might have been fire crackers cause sometimes you cannot tell the difference between them. But gun shots have become so familiar here. This area is unsafe. I moved in here back in 2008 after my mother passed. I have two young children and this is not a good place to raise your kids."

Bryson said young people now call the Gleason Avenue neighborhood as the G-Block.

"It's called G-Block," Bryson said. "It's what people call it on social media and in the community. G stands for Gleason. There are lot of young people who do dangerous things out here, so things get dangerous here sometimes. We need more help from law enforcement."

Forty-two bullet markers were visible at the scene, but some of the markers represent holes left by gunshots. Police say it appears that multiple weapons were used during the shooting, and that the shots came from the street. 

No suspects have been identified at this time. Detectives said they are questioning the victim's brother, because they are interested in what information he can provide police, but he is not a suspect.

Brooks' body was taken for autopsy at the Atlanta crime lab. His death is Columbus' 15th homicide this year, and the second homicide in Columbus this week. 

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