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Parents upset after child gets left on wrong bus

Josiah Brown Josiah Brown
Gerald Brown Gerald Brown

On the first day of school at North Brooks Elementary School on Thursday, a Pre-K student was mistakenly put on the wrong bus, where he was stuck for over an hour before the school realized what had happened and contacted the child's parents.

School officials didn't want to talk about the incident Friday, but they did ask all the teachers and staff to pay extra close attention when they were getting the kids on the buses Friday afternoon so that this one time incident doesn't happen again. But the child's father said the fact that it happened even once is a problem.

As the buses and cars pulled into the parking lot to pick up their students at North Brooks Elementary School Friday, the parents of 3 year-old Josiah Brown were wondering if he would make it on the right bus.

"It's the schools job to make sure he get on the right bus," said Gerald Brown, Josiah's father. "It makes you wonder, he has this tag in front of him that says bus two. So, it almost makes you wonder can the person [in charge of monitoring the students] read, count or whatever the case may be."

Josiah's father said the school notified him once they realized Josiah had gotten on the wrong bus, but then he was told he would have to come to the school to pick up his son.

"I said 'no, we're not goin' back to the school to get him. It's your job to make sure he get on the right bus and ya'll gonna bring him to my house,'" stated Gerald Brown.

Ultimately, Josiah's mother met Josiah at a different bus stop and picked him up.

When WALB asked the school district for a comment Friday, they sent out a release, stating in part "parents were contacted immediately after the school realized the student got onto the incorrect no way was the child ever in any danger. Brooks County is committed to the safety of all students."

Josiah made it home just fine Friday, but that doesn't make what happened Thursday okay in the eyes of Josiah's father. "It was a bad situation. It could've been worse," said Gerald Brown.

Thankfully though, it wasn't.

As of 5 p.m. Friday, WALB had not learned of any more situations like this at the school, but Josiah's father said if it does happen again he'll be ready to take the necessary steps.

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