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Former PCA plant manager testifies in salmonella trial

More damaging testimony in Albany federal court today saying Peanut Corporation of America defendants knowingly shipped out tainted products that killed 9 people and sickened hundreds.

Former PCA Blakely plant manager Sammy Lightsey agreed to testify as part of his plea deal and says he was trying to fix issues at his plant in the middle of the salmonella outbreak. 

Lightsey pleaded guilty in May for his role in the outbreak. 

Today, he testified that PCA deceived customers by retesting products looking for negative results after they tested positive for salmonella. 

He says PCA owner Stewart Parnell visited the plant frequently and made the ultimate decision in sending tainted products. 

Lightsey's testimony also brings Parnell's brother, Michael Parnell, into question. Lightsey says Michael Parnell shipped products to Kellogg's in tanker trucks with false Certificates of Analysis. 

When Lightsey told Parnell it was illegal, Parnell told him not to worry about it because that's how they do it.

Lightsey says most peanut paste was produced and shipped to Kellogg's on the same day with Certificates of Analysis from previous samples. 

Lightsey says he would never intentionally ship products to hurt anyone, but he realizes now that his actions have affected others.

His testimony will continue on Monday morning. 

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