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Postell sticks by APD criticism

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany City Commissioner Tommie Postell sticks by the comments he made earlier this week, saying some Albany Police Officers don't do their jobs.

He's hoping things will change before the commission has to step in. During Tuesday's commission meeting Postell said he doesn't think some police "give a damn" about solving crime.

"I said exactly what I meant," Postell told WALB News. "If somebody is breaking into somebody's building every week or so, you need to have somebody patrolling that area. They need to ride through that area, but they're not doing that," he said.

Postell believes the root of the problem is poor morale, caused by discrimination within the department. "You have some that's doing their job. But you got some that morale is not there, they say well I'm not doing that, they don't pay me to do that."

During an interview Tuesday, Chief John Proctor said officers do work hard under difficult circumstances, and he said morale has improved.

"We worked through the city leadership to try to rectify that, get them cars, get them equipment, computers, get them the tools that they could do their jobs. That lifted morale some."

Postell says he's been complaining about officers not doing their jobs for years and he'll continue until changes are made.

"The taxpayers are paying for protection. And that's why I said the largest portion of the budget goes to public safety. It's sad to say it but we're not getting the bang for our bucks. And as long as we're not getting the bang for our bucks, I'm going to keep crying."

Chief Proctor says overall crime is down in Albany. He urges citizens and businesses to get involved and contact the police department if they need help or have suggestions.

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