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Valdosta Fire Department wants to update hiring, promotion procedures

Freddie Broome Freddie Broome

Valdosta city council will discuss the fire department's proposed changes to its hiring and promotional procedures at their Thursday night council meeting.

Valdosta Fire Chief Freddie Broome said the department has a long history and tradition of hiring very qualified applicants, but the department is always looking for ways to make the process better, and he wants citizens to know that.

"Just putting [the ideas] forward to let the citizens know that this is what the city and the department is putting forward to make sure we have an equitable, consistent process," said Broome.

The proposals to the hiring process include adding a standardized test as well as a timed agility test and interviews with the fire department's personnel to the hiring process. "It's just a way to make sure that we're hiring not just the most qualified, but the best fit for our organization," Broome explained.

As for the proposed changes to the promotional process, Broome said most of the department is looking forward to them. "For the most part, yes, I think so," said Broome. "It's something that's gonna be more consistent. It's something that's going to put a succession plan matrix in place so that the first day you're hired as a firefighter and you know exactly what career path you wanna go, there's the steps for you to go in that direction."

Thursday night's city council meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.

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