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Low pork supply sends prices up

Pearly's customer Margaret Barannan Pearly's customer Margaret Barannan
Pearly's customer WW Williams Pearly's customer WW Williams
Pearly's owner Carl Young Pearly's owner Carl Young
Billy Boy's owner Zay Morris Billy Boy's owner Zay Morris
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A hot plate full of bacon is what some of us look forward to in the morning.

"Bacon is my favorite meal," Margaret Barannan said.

"What I'm thinking about doing is buying me a hog and raising my hog and then I'll have my own bacon, you know what I mean?" WW Williams shares.

But with the price of pork rising, it has made some bacon lovers concerned.

"I think 'oh my goodness gracious, am I ever going to go shopping again at the grocery store' everything is going up," Barannan said.

In the last year the cost of pork rose over 10%.

"If it continues to rise, I don't know, I may have to change my diet," Williams said.

Supply is at an all time low due to a disease outbreak among pigs, killing over 6 million. And its not just farms that are feeling the heat but restaurant businesses are struggling.

"It's huge, it's very difficult to manage, we have to watch it really close," Pearly's owner, Carl Young said. "A small increase on a product we use a lot of over time it's going to really going to have a big impact and we have to pay attention to our customers concerns and our employees concerns."

It's the same philosophy Zay Morris of Billy Boy's BBQ shares.

"We try to keep the prices steady and try not to run the customer away."

As for you bacon enthusiasts, there may have to be some adjustments.

"You gotta have your fix of whatever your favorite food is, you just have it less often. And just be a little more intelligent about it, watch your pennies," Barannan said.

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