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Ebola contagion rages on

International concerns grow as the disease continues to spread. (Source: CDC/CNN) International concerns grow as the disease continues to spread. (Source: CDC/CNN)

(CNN) - Spain has evacuated the first Ebola patient to Europe.

International concerns grow as the disease continues to spread, killing hundreds of people in West Africa.

International organizations are teaming together, trying to put an end to the deadly outbreak.

Amid what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls the "biggest and most complex Ebola outbreak in history," the CDC put its emergency operations center on its highest state of alert - bringing in extra staff and working them long hours.

Officials have also reached out to the World Health Organization and other international agencies.

"Let's help to bolster the systems they already have in place,” President Barack Obama said. “Let's nip as early as possible any additional outbreaks of the disease."

As of last count, 932 people in West Africa have died from confirmed or reported cases of Ebola in this outbreak. Liberia's president has declared a state of emergency. There, the cases include a Spanish priest who contracted the disease; he'll be treated in Madrid - having been flown back to Spain just as two Americans were taken back to the U.S.

What of the experimental treatment given to Nancy Writebol and Kent Brantly?

"I think we've got to let the science guide us,” Obama said. “And I don't think all the information's in on whether this drug is helpful."

"Look, we've had two people who got it, but you want to wait a couple of weeks to see that they don't get terrible side effects, livers aren't destroyed, they don't die all of a sudden from some unexpected consequence," said Arthur L. Caplan of the Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Medical Center.

For now, health officials are focusing their resources on current treatments, public awareness and prevention.

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