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Georgia soldier goes to Germany after deadly Afghanistan attack


The family of a Southwest Georgia Army Captain is anxious about his condition after a deadly attack in Afghanistan.

Jeremy Haynes is now in a Germany hospital. Doctors are doing an assessment to see if he needs to stay at the hospital there or can be sent to a hospital in the United States. His mother still hasn't been able to talk to him, but she's expecting an update in the next 24 hours.

Captain Haynes was shot three times during the attack, according to U.S. Defense officials. An Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of U.S. military trainers and observers Tuesday, killing an American General and wounding 15 more, including Haynes.

His brother Jeffery Haynes said, "Even though he's shot, I'm glad I didn't get the news, I mean of course our prayers are for General Harold Green, but I'm so thankful that we didn't get the call that he was gone."

Major General Harold Greene who was killed in the attack. His body has arrived at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to be prepared for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

His mother, Joyce Hope, says she just wants to hear the voice of her strong soldier.

"I was told that he actually got shot three times, one in the shoulder, one in the hip and one in the leg. And that he had been through some surgeries. And he's sedated, that's the reason he hasn't been able to contact any of his family members," said Hope.

30-year-old Captain Haynes, who's from Albany, was deployed to Afghanistan in December.

"It was his choice to go to Afghanistan," recalled Hope. "That was his choice."

Haynes came home for two weeks in June after he was promoted to be the assistant to General Harold Green, which extended his time in Afghanistan.

"He was skeptical about taking the job, [as an] aide to the general, but he wanted to advance his career and wanted to show his sons about the military life," said Haynes' brother Jeffery. "He loves [the] military, he loves protecting his country."

"After he took the job as assistant to the General I felt better because I know the General is going to have high security and stuff like that. But even with high security things can happen," said Hope.

General Green was killed in the attack, becoming the highest-ranking U. S. Army officer killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Jeremy, he's my hero," said his brother. "He gives the ultimate sacrifice and that's his life. No greater love can you give to a person than to give your life."

Family members say the father of five...who lives in Virginia, will continue serving his country no matter what.

"Even with this, the only way that he won't go back into the military is if they won't let him back," said Hope. "Because he's a fighter."

His mother and four brothers are confident Jeremy Haynes will recover.

Family members say Jeremy Haynes will be flown to an American base in Germany to recover before he comes home.

The decorated soldier graduated from Dougherty High school in 2003. He played football there and was part of the ROTC program.

"I"ll be honest with you, I use to get really excited when he came in, because he's a high spirited, very positive young man. One of those individuals that you knew was going to go places in the military," said Marine Corps Major Stephen Martin.

"He was one of the leaders in ROTC. He was also one of the leaders on the football team. So you can tell when kids are young and highly motivated, that they do have a future in front of them," said Haynes' football coach Cleatus Hopkins.

Jeremy Haynes was set to come home in January. The Afghan soldier who injured Haynes was killed.

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